Dogs in Lockdown: Edie's Chronicle

Dogs in Lockdown: Edie's Chronicle


I‘m finding this all rather overwhelming…they love me and I love them but they seem to need me more than ever before. I’m continuously brushed, but why is my coat so long, what’s wrong with a haircut? They’re always cutting each other’s hair.

She takes me out in the morning for a walk on the beach, I run up to greet people, especially if they have treats in their pockets, but these days she calls me back, especially if they stroke me, and scrounging is no longer the fun it was. There’s a feeling I shouldn’t play with other dogs and I miss running with my friends. My morning walk is normally an opportunity to scavenge for discarded fish and chips in the streets but not these days, they are empty of food and people, pickings are lean but we do pass an open and perfect shop full of proper food. Fred really understands me, it’s paradise and he always gives me the most wonderful selection of treats, reassuringly familiar. Once home, she rubs my coat with a cold gel, this makes me shake and but it seems to make her happy. 

We relax on the sofa, cuddled up, she chats endlessly on the phone. Once off the phone they chat to me, I haven’t a clue what they’re saying but I know their intentions are good. Sometimes people ask to borrow me for a walk but I say enough is enough. Then there’s the obligatory pose for a photo for either the family What’s App group or Instagram. Some things never change.

In the afternoon he takes me out, often for a more ambitious walk up on the hills. We meet no-one and walk for miles…I am exhausted. I’m loving all the attention but I wonder when they will leave me alone for a few hours, perhaps never? The most exciting part of my day is the early evening fox patrol whilst she waters the vegetable garden, which is getting almost as much attention as I am.

They are cooking the most delicious suppers, occasionally I’m allowed to sample especially when sausages are involved. I then collapse on the sofa, they watch tv, play scrabble, read books and I just settle in for a good 12 hour much needed and restorative snooze, only shifting to go to bed, with them of course.



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