Katty McMurray

framed small print

Silk Screen Print


Using 1 colour, this work was released as an edition of 50. The paper size is 28x24cm. 

The frame is a simple white painted wood and is 30.5 x 27cm . 

Created as a collaboration between the artist and Artizan Editions, each hand made silkscreen print requires a separate screen for each colour and is created by the artist in the screen print medium. Each work is an original, not a signed reproduction.

Katty McMurray studied at the Chelsea School of Art (1988-91) exhibiting widely throughout throughout the UK and the London art fairs - accumulating an extensive list of collectors. Her work draws on her extensive travels, with a more recent focus on the British coast. Clean lines, solid brightly coloured shapes and a meticulously balanced palette are a hallmark of Katty’s serene and restorative oil on linens and line drawings.