John Marshall



Named after Bronte's romantic hero, this dynamic and handsome portrait encompasses all the signature elements of a classic John Marshall oil on linen. The contrasting palette of rich chestnut and alabaster is softened by the almost velvet textural coat of fur and deep matt black background.

All of John Marshall’s paintings are framed in a bespoke black wooden frame. Please allow approx 6.5cm to each side of the 100x100 cm painting size.

John achieved overnight success in the 90’s for his bold paintings of cows; a subject which has remained his single focus ever since and earned him international recognition as ‘the cow man’. Light is often used to accentuate composition and backgrounds are ever changing. His fresh approach to each work has established a growing collection of powerful work. John has exhibited widely throughout the UK and internationally.

Once a painting order has been placed we will promptly contact you with a delivery quote. All UK orders are delivered via courier. Paintings can be shipped internationally.