Kevin Vucic - Shepherd

We Dream of Escape, If Only For An Hour

Lamda C-type print


What does the world look like without perspective? What does the world look like with a scale? Kevin Vucic-Shepherd’s photographs are a way of exploring that question and ones coupled with it. In this particular work Brighton’s eponymous Palace Pier appears as a floating island of fun, land escaping into the depths of the sea. Subtle trickery and image manipulation create a sense of depth and illusion, that things are not always as they seem.

The print is a Lamda C-type print, printed on matte fuji paper. Lamdas are exceptionally high quality photochemical prints and will last for at least 100 years. The dimesnions are approx 100x50cm.

This print is framed in a simple white 2cm frame with invisible glass.

Kevin studied Architecture first at Central London Polytechnic ( now Westminster University) and then at The Architectural Association School Of Architecture. After graduating he entered the emerging field of digital special effects. He now lives and works in London with his wife and son. He has been shortlisted for the ArtAngel prize , Lumen Prize , exhibited at Hiscox and the Bafta Architectural Association.