Qbe Qbe



Also known as ‘Gift’
This sculpture is a reminder to love yourself, to wake up every morning with the awareness that you are a gift.

This sculpture is hand built using a combination of coiling, pinching and traditional slab building.

The head of this sculpture was created by working directly with a life model and is detachable, meaning you can use her as a vase or keeper of secrets. 

Coated in a creamy white clay slip and then decorated with underglaze painting.
Stoneware body with slip and underglaze decoration.

Originally from the Netherlands, Kubra Topal (Qbe Qbe) has a degree in Fashion & Design from Amsterdam Fashion Institute. After moving to England, the death of her parent prompted Kubra to start her journey in ceramics which takes inspiration from both her luxury fashion background and her Dutch upbringing.

Height is     cm.

***Gallery collection only**

 Please contact us after purchase as this piece is collection or local delivery only.

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