John Marshall

John Marshall emerged as a professional painter twenty years ago, from a varied career background of croupier, computer programmer and NATO Finance Manager.

In essence, John paints cows; his single subject throughout his career. Yet given the single subject and chosen medium, there is an astonishing variety in the work. His strength of technique and consistently evolving approach ensures that each work is fresh and distinct from its predecessors.

"They are all cows. But, creating a painting is doing something differently each time you paint. If something has worked before it doesn't mean it will work again. It is vital to avoid repeating old solutions or formulas - each painting is set in a specific context and moment in time."

'The works are staged and lit in a way which is reminiscent of Italian Renaissance chiaroscuro. In these paintings, the animals emerge from dark backgrounds by means of theatrical lighting, which resolves their forms to varying degrees. The opposition of illumination and concealment in these works lends them a majestic and mysterious air, and effects a transformation of bovine creatures into mythical beasts '- Vivienne Edkins, Art Historian

His highly sought after work proves enduringly popular - John has had a decade long series of sell-out solo shows in London and Paris. His paintings are in collections throughout the world and his work has been exhibited alongside that of contemporary masters Paula Rego, Terry Frost and Mary Fedden at the Royal College of Art. John has had favourable editorial profiles and reviews from leading national UK papers and has also featured on the BBC & Channel 4.

"I know Brighton, that's where the cow painter comes fromGwyneth Paltrow


See John's work here.


Solo Exhibitions

2011 London. The Fairfax Gallery, Chelsea

2010 London. The Curwen Gallery, Fitzrovia

2009 London. The Fairfax Gallery, Chelsea

2008 London. The Fairfax Gallery, Chelsea

2007 London. The Fairfax Gallery, Chelsea

2006 London. The Fairfax Gallery, Chelsea

2005 Norfolk. The Fairfax Gallery, Burnham Market

2004 London. Gallery 27, Mayfair

2003 London. The Air Gallery, Mayfair

2002 Paris. Gallerie D'ete, 16th arrondmt

2002-3 London, Smiths of Smithfields

2001 London, The Gallery in Cork Street. Mayfair

2001 London, Gallery One

2000 London, Ingo Fincke Gallery


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