Kathryn Matthews


These new works take us on a tour from the rice terraces of Bali, to the heat of Morocco and back to Canada, where Kathryn spent several lockdown months chaperoning her son working on Disney's Peter Pan and Wendy. The vast landscapes and awe-inspiring mountains led to a slight change in her usual process, swapping from board to canvas and painting some much larger works. She continues to use oil paint, pigments and gels to create her multi-layered expressive interpretations. Kathryn also started working on an altogether new collection of swimming pool paintings, taken by the fresh feel of the water against an ever present backdrop of snow capped mountains.

Kathryn is known for her colourful landscapes, unique interpretations and bold mark making. Her work is collected worldwide and has been published in the UK (John Lewis, CCA, Artizan Editions), USA, Canada and is in collections including Royal Bank of Scotland and P&O.

Kathryn studied at the Deva Art School, Holland before obtaining a BA in Visual Art from De Montford University, Leicester (1990-1993). After graduating, she worked as an archaeological illustrator in Spain then returned to the UK to establish herself as a professional artist. Throughout the early days of her career Kathryn worked as an etcher. Elements of this technique have remained consistent throughout her body of work to date through the combination of ink-black colour blocks and etched illustrative detailing.

Kathryn takes an experimental approach to her work, applying multiple layers of oils and glazes, vigorously stripping and reapplying the paint along with a variety of differing mark making techniques. Such processes imbue her paintings with striking luminosity and ethereal qualities.

Combining observation with an imaginative power, her extensive travels around the world significantly influence her work, transforming landscapes with riots of colour and exaggerated palettes.

Kathryn Matthews has exhibited widely throughout the UK, New York, Dubai and Paris. She is one of the founding artists of the Two Kats and a Cow Gallery which features a permanent exhibition of her work.

Selected shows in addition to a permanent show at Two Kats and a Cow:

2022-23 Affordable Art Fair London

2016 Thomas Henry Gallery, Martha's Vineyard, USA 

2010-14 Shooting Stars - Royal College London

2011 Solo Exhibition - Ainscough Chelsea, London

2010 Ainscough Gallery, London

2009 Ainscough Gallery, Dartmouth/London

2009 Open House, Shoreham

2009 Affordable Art Fair, London

2007 Solo ExhibitIon - Ainscough Chelsea, London

2006 Chase Exhibition – Royal College, London

2003 Affordable Art Fair, New York

2002 2 Person Show - CCA Cork Street, London

2002 Mixed Show – Byard Art, Cambridge

2001 Battersea Arts Fair, London

2001 Charity Exhibition – Christies, London

2001 Art Fair, Paris

2001 Solo - St John's Street Gallery, Ashbourne

2000 4 person show - Thompsons, Mayfair


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