Artists in Lockdown - Henrik Simonsen

Artists in Lockdown - Henrik Simonsen

Henrik Simonsen's sublime portrayal of the intricacy and transience of natural flora and exceptional breadth of colour are a much needed tonic to lift the spirits...


Are you still able to make work?

Working here in Berlin has not been a problem. I lived 6 or 7 minutes walk from my studio and I spend most of my time in the studio. Working as an artist I have been practising self isolation for years. I think I have a black belt by now. In many way my days have not changed as dramatically as it has for most people.

How has being in lockdown affected your creative process?

If there has been any effect then maybe it's an added focus or concentration. My work days are no longer started, ended with or broken up by trips out, meeting friends, going to museums or galleries, travel, gym, cinema, theatre and the likes. I think that for a shorter period that can be a good thing but stretched out for too long I think it can leave too little oxygen in the fish tank. We all need more than work in our lives.



What and who inspires your work?

My work has had nature as a central theme for years. There is a lesson to learn from how nature is able to vary simple forms infinite. I think this is where my Scandinavian background becomes evident. Scandinavia has a long tradition for art, design and architecture inspired by natural forms. For me personally the draw of the subject matter is its inexhaustible richness and metaphorical ability to speak of human existence. Of life, passion and the brevity of existence.

Nature becomes a vehicle for me to tell stories and to meditate on life.

In terms of inspiration it is everywhere for the walls of museums to the graffiti on the house walls in my street. Every time you open your eyes there are ideas everywhere to be found.

Do you see your work changing after lockdown?

I don't think there will be a noticeable change. My work seems to slowly evolve over time and it always has. Maybe looking back I will be able to see a change but given the limited impact the lockdown has had on my work routine I would guess not.

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