Artists in Lockdown: Kathryn Matthews

Artists in Lockdown: Kathryn Matthews
Are you still able to make work?
I’m homeschooling my son most days but on Thursdays my husband takes over so I can hide away in my home studio for some much needed peace and creativity. I listen to podcasts and lose myself for a few hours. 
I also try to paint at weekends between cooking, gardening and beach walks.
How has being in lockdown affected your creative process?
I think we're all having to be creative now aren’t we? Whether it’s using new ingredients in the kitchen or growing vegetables in anything that you can fill with compost! 
With regards to painting, I’m spending less time contemplating an idea and more time just going for it. I’ve been working on a new collection of small works but this week I am enjoying the freedom of a large piece. I am experimenting with big, expressive, brush strokes. 
What is keeping you inspired at the moment?
My head is still very much filled with the tropical images of last year’s trip to the Caribbean. Perhaps one of the hardest aspects of lockdown is that our world has shrunk to our own 4 walls so I hope with this collection I can help people escape, if only in their minds. 
Do you see your work changing after lockdown?
Well I’m still not sure when we will be allowed to open our gallery again which is worrying. I see exhibitions moving online for the time being. 
I have an idea for a new collection inspired by lockdown where I take the wild and foreign scenery of the tropics and ground them in a familiar British environment. Watch this space!

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