Katty McMurray

Love Birds and Pears

Oil on Board


The simplicity and tonal palette depicted in this painting embody the artists signature style. Space, light and clean lines create a minimal yet evocative take on a classic still life.

This painting is framed in a wooden white 'tray' style frame by the Ingo Fincke gallery, Battersea. Please allow approx 4cm each side to the 60x60cm canvas size.

Katty McMurray studied at the Chelsea School of Art (1988-91) exhibiting widely throughout throughout the UK and the London art fairs - accumulating an extensive list of collectors. Her work draws on her extensive travels, with a more recent focus on the British coast. Clean lines, solid brightly coloured shapes and a meticulously balanced palette are a hallmark of Katty’s serene and restorative oil on linens and line drawings.

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