'My Morning Cup of...' with Natalie Reed from Little Object

'My Morning Cup of...' with Natalie Reed from Little Object

Natalie Reed aka Little Object is a Devonshire based jeweller combining a minimalist aesthetic with a high artisanal finish to create simple designs with a strong contemporary presence. Each piece is made by hand from recycled (excluding pre-made chains and findings) sterling silver. In the studio, every effort is made to reduce/recycle waste, and natural, biodegradable products are used as an alternative to harsh chemicals wherever possible. Packaging is from recycled and FSC-assured sources. You can find Natalie's designs here
What drink do you have to start the day? 
I try to start the day with a hot water and lemon. After that, it's coffee all the way. Mostly black. 
What are your studio essentials? 
Coffee, music, light
What do you listen to whilst you work? 
A lot of 6 Music, or a podcast if I'm not doing any loud polishing or hammering. The New Yorker fiction podcast is a favourite.
What has been the most influential advice someone has given you? 
Just do it. I could procrastinate endlessly, given half the chance. 
What was the last thing you saw that inspired you? 
I love the Japanese design philosophy of wabi-sabi, about the beauty of imperfection. I use that a lot in my designs and see it as an antidote to our mass-produced, machine-made times. I'm also always inspired by a trip to the British Museum. I especially love the simplicity of the jewellery of early civilisations.
What are you looking forward to in 2018? 
Playing around with different materials, launching my new website, and I have plans for building a new studio at the end of the garden.

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