'My Morning Cup of...' with Phoebe Jewellery

'My Morning Cup of...' with Phoebe Jewellery


What drink do you have to start the day? 

Mint tea followed by breakfast tea and then I move onto the strong stuff and have coffee when I get to the workshop.

What are your studio essentials?

Aside from my tools, it would be my radio my kettle and I try to keep lots of fruit to hand to entice my sweet tooth away from the biscuits and chocolate.

What do you listen to whilst you work?

Radio 6, unless they're chatting too much and I need to concentrate on something tricky, then I'll switch to classic fm or Spotify and listen to something mellow.

What has been the most influential advice someone has given you?

My art teacher at secondary school drilled it into me that I should finish everything I start... even if at the time I think all I've made is a mess! She taught me that the struggle can be a necessary part of the process. I think that that advice extends to so much more than making jewellery and it's particularly relevant to anyone setting up their own business. 

What was the last thing you saw that inspired you?

I'm lucky enough to be taking a break in beautiful Cape Town right now and I'm surrounded by so much fascinating nature, I'm sure some of it will find its way into future collections. Sometimes the ideas come once I've stepped away from the source of inspiration. I started designing the Cacti collection on the plane way back from a trip to Chile.

What are you looking forward to in 2018? 

I'm really looking forward to turning some of my newer designs into jewellery. I'm actually working on another British nature inspired collection. That and spending time in the sea Kite Surfing. When you turn your biggest passion into a business, I think it's good to have some other hobbies to take you away from work and keep things fresh.

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