Marion Brandis



Matt Finish, Oversized Seagull.

70 x 55 x 35cm

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Full of character, wit and charm, these hand made seagulls are designed to live either indoors or in the garden. 

Handmade earthenware seagull. All the gulls are hand-modelled, and vary in body posture and decorative finishing.

They are made from tin-glazed red earthenware and are hand-painted. The base and feet are made separately and joined with a brass rod for maximum strength.

The artist exposes the attitude, confidence and cheek of these much-loved and much-maligned birds. As humans, we look at them with a human eye and imbue them with human qualities.

Marion Brandis is a German ceramicist who is lives and works in her home studio based in Lewes overlooking the South Downs.

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